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Gift Ideas and Personal Preferences

Gifts are by no means necessary for your session, but if you would like to give something a little extra as a thank you or act of kindness, I will always be grateful and happily accept them!

I currently have two wish lists that have ideas for items I’m in need of:

Additionally if you want to purchase things locally or come up with ideas on your own, here is some information on what I like and what My preferences are:


  • Shirts: XS (00-0)
  • Bras: 32B
  • Lingerie: XS
  • Bottoms: Small (4)
  • Shoes/Boots: 8.5 (8 in whole sizes)
  • Gloves: Medium

Favorite Colors: mustard yellow, oxblood red, sage green, gray, black

Favorite Metals: brass and sterling silver

Favorite Stones: obsidian and sapphire

Favorite Fabrics: leather, silk, tencel, rayon, linen, wool, natural fibers

Favorite Drinks: Strongbow, Framboise, Midori, Chambord

Favorite Vacations: Caribbean cruises, beach trips, motorcycle rides

Favorite Luxuries: Skincare, bedding, bdsm gear, artisan goods, latex clothing

Most Useful Gift Cards: Amazon, Sephora, Ulta, Lowe’s, Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, Best Buy, Etsy