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About Me

You may call me Mercer.

I am a lifestyle Sadist, queer FemDom artist, and BDSM educator, among other things.

Plundering booty, putting damsels in distress, and sending poor souls to the brig… if they ask nicely.


First and foremost, I am a sadist at heart.

My primary interests are leather, whips, and stingy impact, primal and rough body play, cruel and unusual torture, and various edge/hardcore kinks – roughly in that order. These are typically the only forms of play I will engage in at events.

I also enjoy device bondage, farm play, grooming, subsets of body horror, toy-based sexual play, and lifestyle power exchange dynamics, but require a deeper connection with someone and a more intimate audience to engage with those kinks in a meaningful way.

As far as relationships, service, and lifestyle slavery, I am currently only interested in other women/femme-leaning folk.

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